Terms & Conditions

Your use of the Services indicates Your acceptance of the Platform Policies and hence You are advised to read the Terms carefully before using Our Services.

We reserve the right to periodically review, update, or otherwise modify any part of the Platform Policies at Our sole and absolute discretion, and accordingly, You are advised to keep Yourself updated on the latest Platform Policies. We will provide you with notice of any modification to the Terms, and Your continued access and use of the Services after such notification shall constitute consent to the modified Platform Policies.

If You do not accept any part of the Platform Policies or any subsequent modification therein, You must stop accessing or using Our Services.

To use the Services and play on the Platform, You must register with Us and consent to the Platform Policies. You can register with Us here.

In the event where one or more of the terms hereunder are determined to be invalid or unlawful for any reason, by a competent judicial or quasi-judicial authority in India, the validity or enforceability of the remaining terms will not be affected and the same will be valid and binding on You and all other users.

1.Who may use Our Services:

1.1 Our Services are not intended for or offered to any person below the age of eighteen (18) years, or persons who are resident in or access the Platform from any of the Barred States. We have the right to control the access to Our Services at all times, in any State in India, and reserve the right to update the list of Barred States.

1.2 If You are below the age of eighteen (18) years or a resident or located in any of the Barred States, You may not access and use Our Services. In case You do, You shall be solely responsible for any legal actions that may ensue from such use of Our Services. We reserve the right to request proof of age and geolocation at any stage of Your access and use of Our Services to verify that persons below the age of eighteen (18) years or residing or located in Barred States are not using the Service. We may exclude a person from using Our Services where We suspect that such person using the Service is under-age and he/she fails to provide Us with a valid proof of age or is located in a Barred State.

1.3 If You are not legally competent to individually enter into Indian Rupee transactions through banking channels in India and/or are accessing the Services from a Barred State, You are prohibited from participating in Cash Games on Our Services. In the event of such violation, Your participation in Cash Games will be deemed to be in breach of the Platform Policies and You will not be entitled to receive any prize that You might win in such Cash Games.

1.4 We may terminate Your access and use of the Services when We become aware of or are of the opinion, at our sole discretion, that Your use and access of Our Service is in violation of the Platform Policies.

2.How can You access and/or use the Service:

2.1 RUMMYMODERN allows You to play Games with other registered users on the Platform. All games that are made available on the Platform are games of skill (the outcome of the game is primarily dependent upon Your skills and not luck or chance), therefore, it is legal to play these games in most states in India.

2.2 You can play the Games offered on the Platform only via the Gamezy website and mobile application, which can be downloaded or installed from the Google Play Store for Android users, and Apple’s App Store for iOS users or such other app stores.

2.3 When You access Our Services and/or create a Gamezy Account, We may collect, use, share with third parties, store, or otherwise process Your information, which may include Your personal information and sensitive personal information, to ensure that the Services may be accessed and used by You efficiently. The collection, use, sharing of such information is governed by the Privacy Policy which forms an integral part of the Platform Policies. You may access the Privacy Policy.

2.4 At the time You register with Us, You are required to verify Your mobile number for playing any of the Games offered on our Platform. This is to safeguard against fraud of any form at RUMMYMODERN. All Your information is kept confidential and processed as per Our Privacy Policy.

2.5 Winnings, Discounts , and prizes whether monetary or non-monetary are unique to each player and are non-transferable. In the event You attempt to transfer any winnings, Discounts , or prizes, these will be forfeited at Our sole discretion.

3.User Identity:

3.1 When you register with Us, You choose Your username which shall be your identity (“Username”) on the Platform. Your chosen username is confirmed, subject to availability and in compliance with these Terms.

3.2 You are prohibited from creating or using multiple Usernames and/or accounts on our Platform. If multiple User IDs and/or accounts are detected for one user, we may take penal actions, including cancellation of all amounts related to Discounts on linked Username and/or accounts, and suspension of the linked User IDs and/or accounts.

3.3 Username must not be indecent, objectionable, offensive, or unlawful. Username that are found to violate the intellectual property of any entity, reveal personal information, or be suggestive of an advertising or promotional activity, may be rejected. Users in violation of these stipulations will be given an opportunity to provide an alternate Username failing which We reserve the right to either terminate Your Gamezy Account or restore Your Gamezy Account only after an acceptable Usernamehas been provided by You.

3.4 Your Username will remain active on the Platform unless We terminate or suspend Your access to the Platform for a violation of the Platform Policies in accordance with these Terms, or where You voluntarily delete Your RUMMYMODERN Account .

4.Game Formats and Rules:

4.1 You agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Games on the Platform (“Game Rules”). You are required to ensure that You have read and understood the Game Rules before playing them. The Game Rules form part of the Platform Policies and can be found on the ‘Game rules/how to play’ page of Our Platform .

4.2 We reserve the right to determine the results and winners of each of the Game in accordance with the applicable Game Rules. By registering and/or participating in any Game You agree to these determinations, which shall not be open to challenge. We will post lists of winners on Our Services following each Game.

4.3 In case anything provided in the game rules/FAQ (suggestive or otherwise) as appearing over the Platform are contrary to these Terms, these Terms shall prevail over to the extent they are contrary to the games rules/FAQs.

5.Deposit, Payment, Refund, and Cancellation:

5.1 Once You register with Us, We maintain a RUMMYMODERN Account for You to keep a record of all Your transactions with Us. Payments connected with participation in Cash Games have to be made through Your RUMMYMODERN Account. All deposits made by You are credited in the Deposit Segment, all Your winnings are credited by Us into the Winnings Segment, all Discounts and any amount credited against any promotional offer/Discounts is credited and reflected in the Discount Segment, and all wings from the game of Poker are credited to the Poker Segment.

5.2 By participating in Cash Games You hereby authorize Gameskraft to appoint a third party/ Trustee/Escrow Agent to manage funds deposited by You on your behalf. Subject to these Terms, amounts collected from You are held in a separate non-interest-earning bank account. The said accounts are operated by a third party appointed by RUMMYMODERN. From these bank accounts, the payouts can be made to (a) the users (towards their withdrawals), (b) RUMMYMODERN(towards its Service Fee) and (c) to governmental authorities (towards TDS on winnings).

5.3 All transactions You make with Us shall be in Indian Rupees (INR). You are free to deposit as much money as You want in the Deposit Segment for the purpose of participating in Cash Games subject to the following

5.4 You cannot transfer any amount from Your RUMMYMODERN Account to the RUMMYMODERN Account of another registered user except as may be permitted by RUMMYMODERN.

5.5 Credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cash cards, and internet banking payments are processed through third-party payment gateways. Similarly, other payment modes also require authorization by the entity which processes such payments. You understand and agree that We shall not be responsible for delays or denials at their end. The processing of payments will be solely in terms of their policies and procedures without any responsibility or risk at Our end.

5.6 If there are any issues in connection with adding cash, you can promptly contact our 24/7 online customer service for verification.

5.7 We have the right to cancel a transaction, at any time and at Our sole discretion, in which case if the payment is successful, then the transaction will be reversed and the money credited back to the original source of payment.

5.8 You may Withdraw all or part of the Withdrawable Balance to a designated Bank Account by means of an electronic bank to bank transfer.

5.9 A Withdrawal Request will be accepted by Us subject to alignment with the deposit method, Discount restrictions, and/or security reviews undertaken by automated systems and our risk management team. You agree that all Withdrawals You make are governed by the following conditions:

6.Discount and Prize:

6.1 You will be able to use Our Services and win prizes or GameCash and We will process Your Withdrawal Requests in INR to any Indian Bank Account in Your name (subject to KYC verification).

6.2 In the event, Your RUMMYMODERN Account is terminated by You voluntarily or by Us in accordance with these Terms, all Discounts issued to You shall be forfeited by Us and You shall have no right or interest on such Discount.

6.3 Any violation of the Platform Policies at any stage may result in disqualification from receiving the Discount .

6.4 You may win prizes while playing Games on the Platform. Such prizes are subject to the specific terms and conditions communicated at the time of issuance of the prize.

6.5 The prize and the Discount or any other amount or benefit in the Discount Segment is not redeemable for any other prize, nor can it be Withdrawn, or transferred to another user.

7.Termination, Suspension, and Opt-out:

7.1 If You do not log in to Your RUMMYMODERN Account at least once in a twelve (12) month period, RUMMYMODERN reserves the right to suspend/close Your account at its sole discretion.

7.2 We reserve the right to suspend or terminate Your RUMMYMODERN Account if We find that You are violating any of our Platform Policies, or breaching/attempting to breach the security of Our Services in any manner, Your RUMMYMODERN Account may be terminated immediately and any prize, Discounts or funds therein shall be forfeited.

7.3 In the instance Your RUMMYMODERN Account is terminated by Us as per Clause , You will not be able to use Our Services from the mobile number, PAN, and Bank Account linked to the terminated RUMMYMODERN Account;may be permitted to Withdraw the Withdrawable Balance, subject to applicable restrictions.

7.4 Further, if We find that a User is breaching/attempting to breach Our security or privacy protocols, We may, following an internal investigation, decide to undertake a range of actions, depending upon the severity of the detected breach. We reserve the sole right to act and take one or more of the following actions:

8.Responsible Gaming

Gameskraft is concerned about Your health and well-being, and we constantly take measures to improve the well-being of our users. You are advised to follow Our Responsible Gaming Policy so as to maximize Your health and safety while engaging in online gaming.